Well Permit

I'm trying to figure out how what sort of well permit I have, where it's located, and how to put my well permit in my name.

This isn't as easy as it might seem as the well doesn't appear to be in my name, and I'm not really clear who the previous owner was.


It looks like I bought the house on 8/4/2000, which sounds right.

Before that, the house was sold on 4/30/1996 apparently.

It was built in 1968.

This website appears to show the wells on it.


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Neighborhood Wells

To look up the wells in the neighborhood, go here:


  • Choose "Address"
  • Put in your address.
  • And under "within" put in like 500 feet or something like that.

Then hit "Search".
Click on "Map".



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Hobb's Peak

I've been slowly stalking Hobb's Peak this year. I spend a lot of time at Evergreen Lake, and pass by Hobb's Peak fairly frequently, and finally decided to see how I could access the peak. Of course, predictably, it's nearly impossible to get there. But now I've finally found a guy that explains in detail how to access the peak.



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Gamecam photos of Red Foxes at Dave and LeaAnn's

I set up the gamecam over at Dave and LeaAnn's to see if we could get some videos of the fox recently. The date time stamp on the gamecam was wildly incorrect, and the foxes were rarely out when we went by, but somehow, we did manage to get some pretty decent videos of the 5 (or 6?) baby foxes, mom and dad, crows, deer, etc.

I created the video using Windows Movie Maker, then uploaded the video to YouTube, and should should be able to access it here:

Alternately, you should be able to download and view the video on a Windows computer here:

Update: Some people claim there are only 5 baby foxes (kits). It appears to me that there are 6 baby foxes in several locations in the video. If you're interested in seeing where all 6 kits appear to be visible, skip to the following section of the video:
0:53 - 1:24

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