Riding the 2017 Honda Africa Twin in North America

Now that the bike is back in North America, and I'm riding it again, I'm noticing a few things about it.

1) It doesn't have my cigarette lighter adapter to charge my electronics anymore. (I took this off when I removed the battery in Lima, so I need to reconnect it.)

2) My hand throttle is not on the bike. (I took this off in Lima and put it in my rear Givi case, so I found it and put it back on the throttle.) Fixed.

3) The Garmin Montana is set up to use regular AA batteries, because my rechargeable battery pack quit working somewhere in South America. I ordered replacement battery pack on 4/23.

4) The tires were as smooth as a baby's ass, so I replaced both tires and got an oil change at B&B Cycles, Evergreen, Colorado. Thanks guys. FIXED.

5) The clock is in the wrong time zone. It's set for Central Time Zone, but it would have been set for Eastern Time Zone, except that we did a Spring Forward, so that meant it was only one hour ahead after we went to Daylight Savings Time. Yesterday, I figured out how to set the time and fixed it. FIXED.

6) The two left turns signals (front and rear) are just sort of hanging/taped on.

7) The decals on the left side of the bike are pretty much shredded.

8) My left mirror is a mess. I replaced it in Panama City, but I don't like the one I replaced it with. I need to order a new mirror.

9) My scarf is gone, and has been replaced with one of a different color. Not clear what happened there.


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