Copying Files off of Go Pro Hero 5

So, my Go Pro Hero 5 completely filled up yesterday while I was riding over Shrine Pass. And, I've decided that I can postpone this no longer. The videos must be removed from the GoPro, and something must be done with the videos, or why, really, am I recording to begin with?

Of course, GoPro sucks dicks so hard, that it won't work with Windows 7. Like...seriously? Fuck You GoPro. So, I remove the MicroSD card and put it into an SD adapter, and then plug this into my new multi-memory card reader that I ordered once I returned from Peru.

Now, at least, I can copy the files off of the MicroSD card. Seriously, though. Fuck You GoPro.

So, there is about 90 Gig of videos on the MicroSD card, and I copy them all off onto the S driver at S:\_2018_GoPro.

Seriously. Fuck you GoPro.

Hmmm. Says 2 hours remaining. Now, I also need to plug in my GoPro Hero 5 so that it is charging, at least. Battery is completely dead, it seems.

WTF? I can't figure out what's going on. I'm not smart enough to do this, I think. In theory, I'm moving these files off of the MicroSD card plugged into an adapter plugged into a universal memory card reader over to the S: drive, but when I disconnect the GoPro, it crashes and the "move" fails. Now, it seems like nothing has moved at all, so I'm starting over.

Restarting the Move now, to s:\2018\GoPro_WTF. Now, it says moving 91 items, 12.7 Gig. 21 minutes remaining. Seriously. Fuck you GoPro. What the hell?

Now, it says copying 416 items at 97 Gig to s:\_2018\GoPro. (Not moving this time. Just copying.) 2 hours 25 minutes remaining.

No clue what's going on here. Just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

It finally did copy all of the files over, but for whatever reason, the date/time stamp is off on most of the files and they're dated 2015. Great.


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Copying Tracks off of the Garmin Montana 600

I need to copy my tracks off of the Garmin Montana 600. I've been riding around some roads and trails this summer that I haven't been on in a long time. I'm using rechargeable AA batteries, because the battery pack it came with died down in Latin America somewhere on the last trip. I think it was in Ecuador?

Now, let's see if I can copy anything meaningful off of the Garmin.

1) Launch EasyGPS.
2) Click on "Receive (from GPS)" icon.
3) Click OK.

So, now I see them in my EasyGPS app, but there's no topo map or anything. So, I save them off as D:\Inetpub\wwwroot\20180612.gpx

Now, to upload them onto a map.

Go to

Select your .gpx file.

Click Map It.

These files will be available for viewing temporarily at the following website (if they take them down, then I can re-upload them again):

I also noticed some tracks out there from 01012018 - 01022018. I saved these off as D:\Inetpub\wwwroot\20180102.gpx, as they appear to be from Peru?

Peru tracks are temporarily available here:

Deleting Tracks from the Garmin Montana 600.

Click on Up arrow at bottom center of screen on Garmin Montana 600.
Click on Track Manager.
Click on Archived Tracks.
Select the top track.
Click on Delete.
Click on Delete again.
Rinse. Repeat.

So, I deleted the files from Peru off of the Garmin Montana.


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