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Synology DiskStation DS413 Issues

Trying to copy all of the files off of my GoPro onto the DS413 DiskStation, and it doesn't seem to be working properly.

It shows 3.7 TB used, and 4.3 TB free, for a total of 8 TB. But, when I try to copy the files onto it, it doesn't seem to be working.

Go to

IP address is

Click "Connect".

I don't see anything in here that indicates there is a problem. Hmmmm.


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The Bike in the Parking Lot

In the morning, I call the maggots at Westerra Credit Union. Those rotten motherfuckers hung me out to dry. In a big way.

The conversation went something like this.

"Can you please explain to me why both my personal and corporate debit cards are being declined when I have $50K in both accounts?"

"Well...let's have a look here....It looks like there was a suspicious transaction...a charge for $450 on Friday....did you make that charge?"

"How in the fuck should I know?"

"Were you traveling?"

"I travel all the time. You can look at my account and see that. I fly twice a week. Who in the fuck are you to cancel my credit cards. Do you know how bad you fucked me? You canceled both of my credit cards on Friday when I tried to settle up with a man for $450, then you closed for business for 3 days straight. And there's no phone number for me to call while you're closed. Isn't that right? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW BAD YOU FUCKED ME?!!!! I was in San Francisco, with no money. For 3 days. While your fucking bank was closed. God Dammit!"

"Well, the transaction was suspicious..."

"In what way? I travel every week. You can check my account and see that."

"I have enabled your debit card, so it should be working normally."

"What about my corporate debit card? What's going on with that one?"

"We sent you a new card, and you didn't activate it, so we canceled this card."

"How in the fuck does that make any sense? My card says it expires 10/17. That's a year form now. So, my card says it's still good."

"We sent you a new card, but you didn't activate it...."

"I'm sure you do a much better job of opening your mail than I do, since you're not flying twice a week."

"Is there anything else we can help you with?"

"You can activate my God Dammned corporate debit card. And also, I want you to schedule a cash withdrawal. I'm going to be in your bank on Friday, and I'm taking out $20K in cash. In fifties."

"Have a nice day sir.'

"Go fuck yourself."

I spend all day trying to load data into a couple of tables. Something that should take me about 10 minutes if I had a half a brain. Everyone else has left when I finally leave at around 8:00 p.m.

The nice thing about getting in early and working late is, you don't have to hunt for your bike in the parking lot.

The nice thing about the bike is you don't wonder who's side he's on. He's all in. All the way. Ready to go. Like...the bike can solve a lot of problems. Like, when nothing else makes sense, the bike is a long lost friend. I get on the bike and leave the parking lot.

At work, they call out the CEMLI's like a bing game. "713...who has 713?"

"That's me..." someone replies.

Like...seriously? Who in the fuck goes around with a basket of 3 digit numbers in their head. I can't find the house I stay in without a GPS.

It's hard to admit, but my riding has deteriorated along with my mental abilities. Truth be known, I've had many close calls lately. And not just from lane splitting at triple digits. Obviously, that's suicidal.

But my normal riding has deteriorated as well. Like...I turn around to do something on the bike, and forget that I'm driving down the road. think I"m making that up, but I'm not really. Something isn't quite right. And, when you're riding through 6 lanes of traffic, small mistakes have big consequences.

I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to hold out. I mean, yeah....I can still do the work that they give me....but it's so much harder than it ever used to be.


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Swinging for the Fences

So, I come into work first. I get in here early on a Monday. Prolly it's 8:30 a.m. when I roll in and the parking lot is packed. Huh. That's something I never expected. That means that most of the poeple on the project live here. Interesting. Because I thought we were all commuting. Apparently not.

In any event, I'm sort of trying to load in my data and get everything done. Like...I picked up a new little task on Wed or Thursday of last week. It's a technical assignment and I'm supposed to be functional. But I'm like...."If you need me to load the data, I can load it..." and like...we're under the gun in a big way. And they're these tables. Pronto.

So, I write some SQL and start shoving data into tables with fairly good result.

Only, they keep saying that it should be in a different I don't have access to. And I should request it.

So, finally, today, I request access to the environment. Full-on access to destroy the most pristine database they've ever created. The name is Gold. And, it goes to the security guy, and then to my boss, and my boss's boss. Like...I'm really swinging for the fences here. Like....I'll help you if you need help....but you've got to give me access to load the data. And that means you've got to give me the access to destroy the system you created, essentially.

Oh. And the reason I look tired is because I drove a KTM from SF to LA on Saturday going triple digits. And I was lane-splitting the I-210 at triple digits for 40 miles. So...yeah.

And then, the eamil comes through. Permission granted. Go do it. Make it happen.


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