Kenosha Pass/Guanella Pass

Today, I figured I'd take advantage of the nice weather (it was cold and rainy for two days), so I decided to go check out the foliage on Kenosha Pass. Then, when I got there, I rode around for a little bit on the Africa Twin on the south side of US Hwy 285. Ended up down a little dirt road leading to a couple of camp sites and then, as I was coming out, I ran into Jen and Cody. Small world. So, we took a couple of photos with someone's camera, and then I took off.

Jen mentioned that people had seen a moose by the lake, but I never saw the moose.

On the way back, I decided to hit Guanella Pass, so at Grant, I turned north to take Guanella Pass back. The foliage was even more colorful on Guanella pass, as compared to Kenosha Pass.

I passed some people that were stopped on the north side of Kenosha Pass. They had seen a moose, but I never did see it.

Then down to Georgetown, and I-70 east to Idaho Springs. Stopped to eat in Idaho Springs, and then home before dark.

My ride today looked something like this.


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Shelf Road

Today, I figured I'd go down and ride the "Shelf Road", which runs from Cripple Creek to Canon City. So, I headed out a little after 2:00 pm. My ride looked something like this:

Basically, from 285, I went down to Pine Junction. Then south on Pine Valley Road (County Road 126) to Deckers Road (County Road 126) to Deckers. From Deckers, south on Colorado State Highway 67 to Woodland Park. Then West on US Highway 24 to Divide, then south from Divide on State Highway 67 over Tenderfoot Pass (10,200') and down into Cripple Creek. From Cripple Creek, I turned down Xenia Street (Teller County Road 88). The name of the road quickly changes to Shelf Road. Shelf Road is approximately 16 miles long, and then leads eventually to Canon City.

From Canon City, I went west on US Hwy 50 to Colorado State Highway 9. North on State Highway 9 to Teller County Road 11 (High Park Road). North to Twin Rocks Road (County Road 42). Then east on US Highway 24 to Woodland Park, and retraced my route back to the house.

2:08 pm 0.0 Leave the house.
3:00 pm 40 miles. Deckers, CO. 88F.
3:56 pm Tenderfoot Pass. Elevation 10,200. 75F.
4:00 pm 88.4 miles. Cripple Creek.
4:05 pm County Road 88 (Shelf Road). 76F.
4:49 pm Hard Top. Red Canyon Road 93.
5:20 pm 107 miles. Canon City. 89F.
7:14 pm 223 miles. 72F.
7:45 pm 240 miles. Home.


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NFSR 211 - Matukat Road (aka Goose Creek Road) - 3rd Time's a Charm

So today, Robert came up and we fed Mark's goats. After they were well fed, I put up the goats and decided to go check out Matukat Road (aka Goose Creek Road). My thought is that we don't have a whole lot of summer left, and I need to get out and get some rides in before the snows come.

It looks like I've ridden (or attempted) this route at least three times before today.

My first attempt at Matukat Road was on April 2nd of last year (4/2/2021), but I turned back as the road was still snowed in.

My first successful attempt at Matukat Road was about a month later on April 30th of last year (4/30/2021).

My second successful attempt at Matukat Road was earlier this year on April 22nd (4/22/2022). This was the time that Cody and I both rode the same route on the same day on the same year-make-model motorcycles (2017 Honda Africa Twins), but somehow we were both unaware of this and only discovered it after the fact.

My third successful attempt at Matukat Road was today on September 18th (9/18/2022).

Today, I didn't have a whole lot of time before dark and I took a slightly different route. This time, I took Pleasant Park Road to Foxton Road to Foxton, CO, then up the Southwest Platte River to Buffalo Creek. Then down Deckers Road to National Forest System Road 211, also known as the Matukat road. My route looked pretty much like this.

This map/route shows my ride would be about 132 miles and 3 hours 49 minutes.
My notes say 136 miles - 4:00 pm - 7:15 pm so about 3 hours 15 minutes.

I'm always shocked at the damage from the Hayman Fire when I ride down Matukat Road. Terry Barton deliberately torched 138,114 acres, resulting in the deaths of 6 people, and in the 20 years since then, nothing has grown back. Not a single tree. And they released her from prison. They released from prison the woman that deliberately started the largest fire in the state's history resulting in the deaths of 6 people. Perfect.


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Garden with Corn

I'm trying to find the photo of Jen holding up an ear of corn that we grew in the garden one year. Not really sure what year that was though. So I'm going through the old photos.

We also planted May 9 of 2003, but the website was not up until May of 2004, it seems. Photos are here: U:\_2003\Sony_DSC_S85\2003_05

Here's where we planted a garden in June of 2005.

2003 - We planted on May 9 of 2003. Photos are here: U:\_2003\Sony_DSC_S85\2003_05.
Searching 2004 photos now...Looks like we didn't have a garden in 2004.
Searching 2005 photos now...Looks like we didn't have a garden in 2005.
Searching 2006 photos now...Looks like we didn't have a garden in 2006.
Searching 2007 photos now...Looks like we didn't have a garden in 2007.
Searching 2008 photos now...Looks like we didn't have a garden in 2008.
Searching 2009 photos now...Looks like we didn't have a garden in 2009.

I did see that we grew a garden in 2010. And that we planted corn on 5/30/2010.

On August 5th, 2010, Jennifer is sitting in the garden, holding up something we grew, but I think it's a squash as opposed to corn.


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