Vail Pass, Shrine Pass, Freemont Pass, Trout Creek Pass, Red Hill Pass, Kenosha Pass

My ride today (6/29/2022) looked pretty much like this.

I got on I-70 and went west through the Eisenhower Tunnel, then down into Dillon/Frisco/Silverthorne, west on I-70, up over Vail Pass, down through Vail, then through Minturn to Red Cliff. Stopped for lunch at Mango's Mountain Grill (my old stomping grounds). Then, up Shrine Pass to Vail Pass, south to Freemont Pass, and down into Leadville. South of out Leadville to Buena Vista/Johnson Village. Then north on 285 heading back home over Trout Creek Pass. It started raining hailing on me somewhere south of Fairplay, but it wasn't too bad and I drove out of it fairly quickly. Then, through Fairplay, over Red Hill Pass, through Jefferson and over Kenosha Pass, then Grant, Bailey, and home.

Looks like I rode about 283 miles in 6 1/2 hours. (1:40 pm - 8:14 pm).


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Mosquito Pass/Georgia Pass

So today, I figured I'd see how far I could go up Mosquito Pass. I went out US Hwy 285 to Fairplay and turned north on Colorado State Highway 9. Just south of Alma, I turned west onto Park County Road 10.(Mosquito Pass Road). After a short distance, it intersects with (and becomes) Park County Road 12. But after I'd gone about a mile or so, the road was flooded, and I didn't really feel like trying to drive across the muddy flooded out section of the road, so I turned back, and this time took the fork to Park County Road 10 (Park Hill Road) and came back to Colorado State Highway 9 in Alma (Park Hill Road).

Turned north on Colorado State Highway 9 towards Hoosier Pass. Just before the summit, I turned left onto Park County Road 4, and went down to Montgomery Reservoir. I followed the road around to the west end of Montgomery Reservoir, where the road ends. Just above this is the Magnolia Mill, which I didn't notice until I looked at the satellite photos just now. So, I'll have to go back and see if I can get some photos of the Magnolia Mill.

Then, I rode back to Colorado State Highway 9 and went north over the continental divide at Hoosier Pass. Then, north on Colorado State Highway 9 through Breckenridge to Tiger Road. to the South Fork of the Swan River. Tried to make it up to Georgia Pass, but the road got too steep and rocky for me to proceed alone. Turned around and came back home via I-70.


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Loveland Pass, Hoosier Pass, Red Hill Pass, and Kenosha Pass

So, today (6/27/22), I hit Loveland Pass, Hoosier Pass, Red Hill Pass, & Kenosha Pass.

What I really wanted to do was Webster Pass, but I wasn't able to make it up there today.

First, I went down the hill to CycleGear and got some PJ1 chain lube.

Then I figured I'd hit Loveland Pass. So, I crossed the continental divide at Loveland Pass 11,990 ft above sea level. Then, down past A-Basin to Keystone to Montezuma Road. I went up Peru Creek to the Pennsylvania Mine.

Took some photos of the abandoned mine, then, back down Peru Creek to Montezuma Road and up to Montezuma, Colorado. I went through the old mining town and followed the signs for Webster Pass Rd. However, when I got to the place where Webster Pass Road crosses the Snake River, it was flooded pretty bad from the snow melt, and getting late in the day, and since I was riding alone, I decided to turn back.

Then, I rode through Breckenridge and crossed the continental divide again at Hoosier Pass. Then down into Fairplay, and on to US Highway 285. Then north and east across Red Hill Pass to Jefferson where it was raining pretty good, so I stopped and waited for the rain to stop. Then, up over Kenosha Pass, and back home.

Map of my ride today.


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Georgia Pass

So, today (6/23/22), I hit Georgia Pass. I'm pretty sure it's the first time I've made it up there this year. My route looked like this.

I didn't have any trouble getting up there from the south side of the pass. But I couldn't really remember how rough the north side of the pass was, and as a storm was moving in, I decided to beat a hasty retreat home. I think that the South Fork of the Swan River Road isn't too bad, but the Middle Fork was pretty rough, as I recall. So, I beat a hasty retreat the same way I went up as a light rain started to fall. Somehow, I made it back OK, and it quit raining as soon as I got off of the continental divide.

Summit Georgia Pass 3:48 pm Thr June 23 56F. Headed home.
Mile 12.0 Jefferson............4:14 pm. 62F.
Mile 16.4 Kenosha Pass....4:19 pm.
Mile 24 Grant..................4:27 pm.
Mile 35 Bailey.....................4:28 pm
Mile 42 Pine Junction.........4:37 pm
Mile 51 Aspen Park........... 4:55 pm. 77F.

Updated Passbagger 2022 here.


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Corona Pass

So today, I figured I'd try to hit Corona Pass. I was able to make it approximately 10 miles up the dirt road, as far as Rifle Sight Notch, just below the James Peak Trailhead, where they have the dirt road blocked off with a gate, presumably due to snow on the road above this gate. The dirt road from Winter Park is alternately referred to as County Road 80 or Forest Service Road 149. The west side of the pass is named Corona Pass and the east side of the pass is named Rollins Pass. Took me about 35 minutes of riding on the dirt road to get to the gate. I'll try it again in a couple of weeks.

My route looked pretty much like this.


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Mosquito Pass

Looks like Mosquito Pass is still snowed in on the Alma side, but clear on the side up from Leadville.


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Pass-Bagger 2022

Try to document my passes for 2022:

Previous Pass-Bagger 2022 link here.

Pass Bagger 2022:
Kenosha Pass(Elevation 10,000 ft) - 3/25/2022
Red Hill Pass(Elevation 9,993 ft) - 3/25/2022
Hoosier Pass (Elevation 11,542 ft) - 3/25/2022
Loveland Pass (Elevation 11,991 ft) - 3/3/2022, 3/25/2022

Mount Evans(Elevation 14,265) - 6/10/2022 Friday

Kenosha Pass, Boreas Pass - 6/14/2022 Tuesday

RMNP, Milner Pass, Berthoud Pass - 6/15/2022 Wednesday.

Guanella Pass, Loveland Pass - 6/16/2022 Thursday.

Corona Pass (attempt) 6/21/2022 Tuesday.

Georgia Pass - 6/23/2022 Thursday


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Guanella Pass, Loveland Pass

So, I heard that Guanella Pass was open, and figured I'd hit that one today, as I've not ridden over it this year. I saw goats on the pass and I've seen them before, but it's been a while. Met some other motorcyclists on the summit taking pics. They flew out from New Jersey and rented motorcycles to ride. At the gas station in Georgetown, one guy realized he didn't have his wallet. See, people think it's easy to travel, but it's really not. Dude doesn't have a valid photo id to show them at the airport to fly back to Jersey. This is why I carry my passport in my back pocket 24/7.

So, I left them, and then rode up over Loveland Pass. Then down into Dillon, and home through the Eisenhower Tunnel. So, I crossed the continental divide twice today.

June 16
11:00 a.m. 75°F - Leave King Soopers gas station in Aspen Park. 0.0 miles.
11:30 a.m. 82°F - Grant. Trip meter = 26.5 miles.
11:45 a.m. - 12:10 p.m. - 70°F - Guanella Pass summit Trip meter = 40.0 miles.
1:00 p.m. 72°F - Loveland Pass summit. Trip meter = 68 miles
1:43 p.m. 82°F - Dillon. Trip meter = 85.3 miles.
2:43 p.m. 82°F - Home. Trip meter = 143 miles.


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