Squaw Pass

So today, the temperature rose up into the 50's-60's, and I figured I'd go for a ride. I've got a lot going on, taking care of three cats, three goats, and a turtle. But after I let Purl play in the yard for about an hour, I decided I had time to go for a little motorcycle ride up Squaw Pass.

Stopped and spoke briefly with Lynae and Brock. Told them about my planned trip, and she informed me that Squaw Mountain had been renamed. But the road signs still referenced Squaw Pass and Old Squaw Pass. And Waze showed the same names (Squaw Pass/Old Squaw Pass).

So I took Colorado State Highway 74 to Squaw Pass Road to Jefferson County Road 66. After a short distance, at the Clear Creek County line, the road changes from Jefferson County Road 66 to Colorado State Highway 103, but it's still marked as Squaw Pass.

At some point, I began to notice that there was snow/ice on the road. Not clear why I thought it would be a good idea to come up here at the end of November. So I slowed way down and started paying close attention to the road conditions.

At Little Bear Creek Road, I turned off of Squaw Pass and started descending into Idaho Springs. I watched the dirt road very closely, watching for signs of snow or ice. Managed to make it down into Idaho Springs. Then, took I-70 east to Floyd Hill, and then came back that way. My route looked pretty much like this.

Probably not going to be doing much more riding in the mountains this season.

It looks like they did decide to rename Squaw Mountain to Mestaa'ėhehe Mountain, but I seriously doubt that they're going to change all of those street signs from Squaw Pass to Mestaa'ėhehe Pass.


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